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Available Options: Gluten Free (GF), Dairy Free (DF), Sugar free (SF)
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Bliss Scoop Ice Cream

Flavors are subject to availability

Banana Toasted Walnut
Made with real banana and butter toasted walnuts, our rich delectable ice cream is transformed into a flavor reminiscent of freshly baked banana nut bread.
Blueberry Cheesecake
We begin by roasting fresh blueberries, then fold them into our delicious ice cream along with the addition of graham crackers. What sets our cheesecake ice cream apart from our other flavors is the addition of cream cheese to the base.
Brown Sugar Maple Cinnamon (GF)
We add pure maple syrup and cinnamon to our base. As we fold our signature brown sugar sauce into our ice cream, it is transformed into a flavor reminiscent of a stack of cinnamon pancakes.
Brownie Batter Chunk
Along with real brownie batter being added to our base, baked brownies are also folded into our wonderful ice cream.
Butter Toasted Pecan (GF)
With a slight twist on an American classic, we take time to butter toast our pecans prior to adding them to our rich ice cream. It is a personal touch that enhances the flavor of both the pecans and the final ice cream.
Caramel Praline Pecan (GF)
Praline pecans are used to create this potent sweetened pecan flavored ice cream. It is then folded in with our Sweet Cream ice cream and caramel sauce to create an unforgettable flavor profile.
Chocolate Covered Coconut (GF)
A combination of coconut milk and coconut flake gives this ice cream and unmistakable coconut flavor. Adding to its richness, tempered Ghirardelli dark chocolate is poured into the mix causing a freezing and "crackling" of the chocolate.
Chocolate Covered Peanut (GF)
We create a crunchy peanut butter base, then add tempered Ghirardelli chocolate during the churning process to create the flavor of this timeless classic.
Chocolate Sea Salted Cashew (GF)
We start with dry sugar, melt it down, and add it our base. We then add tempered Ghirardelli chocolate during the churning process. The final step is to fold in whole cashews to create a wonderful sweet and salty ice cream.
Chocolatey Chocolate (GF)
We use two different Ghirardelli chocolates to create an incredibly robust chocolate ice cream. Chocolatey Chocolate is a true chocolate lover's dream ice cream.
Dark Chocolate Almond Cherry (GF)
Pitted cherries are churned into our ice cream base and during the final seconds of churning, tempered Ghirardelli dark chocolate is poured into the mix causing a freezing and "crackling" of the chocolate. Roasted almonds are then folded into the ice cream.
Double Vanilla (GF)
Using Madagascar double fold vanilla extract, this rich and creamy ice cream has an unparalleled vanilla flavor.
Freckled Malt
We add Maris Otter malt (a barley variety exclusive to the British Isles) to our base. This brewing malt is almost a molasses consistency which gives it a far richer flavor than its powder counterparts. Tempered Ghirardelli dark chocolate is poured into the mix during the final seconds of churning causing a freezing and "crackling" of the chocolate.
German Chocolate Cake
We use actual German chocolate cake batter as opposed to cake to create a rich and creamy ice cream. Coconut pecan icing is then folded into the final product.
Latte (GF)
We source our freshly roasted coffee beans from Coffeyville Coffee Company, a micro-roastery in Coffeyville, Kansas. The result is a lavish ice cream with a full coffee flavor.
Madagascar Vanilla Bean (GF)
We use a Grade A Madagascar vanilla bean, cut it, scrape it and add it to our base to create a rich and creamy vanilla bean ice cream.
Mangonada (GF, DF)
Mango sorbet with chunks of mango and chamoy. This sweet treat takes about 10 pounds of mangos for each batch. We then fold mango chunks and chamoy into the final product to create an incredibly refreshing dairy-free flavor.
Maple Bourbon Bacon
We add pure maple syrup to our base. Then, we add maple bourbon during the boiling process cooking out the alcohol content. Finally, cooked bacon is folded into the final, savory ice cream.

Rolled Ice Cream

Flavors are subject to availability

All Rolled Ice Cream topped with whip cream!

Cookie Monstah
Dark Chocolate shavings, chocolate sauce, with crushed Oreo and Chips Ahoy rolled in.
Crushed Nilla wafers with vanilla icing mixed with rainbow sprinkles.
Monkey Business
Fresh banana with your choice of Nutella, peanut butter, or caramel.
Strawberry Banana
Fresh banana and strawberries.
Sweet & Salty
Sprinkled with a dash of sea salt, drizzled caramel and crushed pretzels rolled in.

Frozen Yogurt/Dole Whip

Flavors are subject to availability

Sold by cup size not by weight.

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About us

We are sweet lovers, just like Yourself


Our names are Robert and Amanda Dumoulin. Together, with the support of family & friends, we founded Wicked Licks in Walhalla, South Carolina. We have four children, Nick, Aleksis, Brooklinn, and Shaun. We are a family oriented business and you will often see them either working in the shop or stopping in to visit. 

A little about us…we are an ice cream enthusiast, super scooper and general dessert lover, but most importantly, we both are entrepreneurs. We have had a life-long dream of opening a neighborhood ice cream shop and we are beyond excited to say that dream has recently become reality. 

Robert spent time working in law enforcement and Amanda spent the last 10 years working in corporate health care. We are so thankful to now have our own ice cream shop right here in the heart of Walhalla.

So why name the business Wicked Licks?

It is a New England thing. If you ever visited Boston you would be familiar with the term. In the northeast, “wicked” often connotes something that is excellent or amazing. Our ice cream is wickedly good! 

If you are in the area, swing by the shop to say hello & enjoy a scoop (or two), rolled ice cream, and frozen yogurt. We value all of our customers and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do.  Quality is our Highest Priority!


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